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Sisters CD

Image of Sisters CD


A compilation.
Remember "Keeping The Faith", "Artificial Intelligence", "C86", "Respect For France", "Source Lab"... and the effort behind your own,home made ball pen illustrated mix-tapes.

Compiling is all about sweat, attention and skills : suspense, respirations, cliffhangers and (not) happy ending…

This one says it all on the cover artwork: starting all pop & girly then progressively twisting.

With Yes Giantess, BMX, Solid Gold, Où Est Le Swimming Pool, The Golden Filter, Micachu & the Shapes, Little Pictures, Rainbow Arabia, Passion Pit, Frankmusik, The Antlers, Teengirl Fantasy, CFCF, Modernaire, Django Django, The Soft Pack, Gentle Friendly & S.C.U.M.

Coming Soon